There are many different types of sheet waterproofing materials. There are Ethylene Diene Butadiene Monomer (EPDM), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Self Adhered Rubberized Asphalt or Butyl adhesive / polyethylene composite products, and several other sheet materials. These are all recommended to be applied over a monolithic, solid deck of some type, but typically concrete. Insulation, protection boards, drainage board, then concrete or soil, garden vegetative materials, or sometimes pavers are used for coverings.

Sheet waterproofing can range in thickness from 60 mils to 90 mils thick. The self adhered materials are applied to a primed surface while EPDM and other materials may be loose laid or adhered. For all types of waterproofing, there are even technologies that can track where a leak might be located, important for waterproofing that's typically buried under heavy, thick coverings. Typically buried under heavy, thick coverings.

The hot rubberized asphalt is heated to a liquid consistency in a special hot rubberized asphalt melter using a double walled tank to indirectly heat the material. The material is also used as a waterproofing as well.

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